Crystal Therapy

Start treating everything from arthritis to depression by turning to Mystic Bayou Holistic and Alternative Health. We are knowledgeable in several areas of holistic therapies that you can use to lead a healthier life.

Crystal Light Therapy Bed Session

What will you feel during a treatment?

Most report experiencing pleasant sensations of heat, tingling, pulsing, or fluttering in various parts of their body. Many fall into a deep welcome sleep, see floating colors or images from past experiences. You may feel an emotional release or decrease in physical discomfort. Overall the majority experience a deep feeling of peace and well-being. It is not uncommon for someone to have a more profound experience.

Why book a Crystal Light Bed Therapy session?

Enhance your healing objectives, stress, anti-aging, psoriasis or skin conditions , meditation and spiritual objectives. Proven effective in depression, insomnia, inflammatory issues such as arthritis and it is  great for post work-out muscle recovery.

How does Crystal Light Therapy work?

Distruptions in our body's energy flow or "block", can be caused by many issues in life. Physical injuries, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges are common conditions that stress us and create blocks in our energy system.

The Crystal Light Bed is designed to remove blockages on all levels of our energy field. Resting quietly and listening to specific healing music, the Crystal Lights are directed at the seven "main" Chakras. The light pulsing through Vogel Cut Clear Quartz Crystals connect with our bio-energy and clears this field, opening up the Chakras centers for optimum flow of energy. The heated jade and tourmaline matt that you lay on during your session helps to remove toxins for the body, cleanse the liver and kidneys, boosts your immune system, reduces free radical in the body, reduces tension, stress anxiety and depression, relieves pain in joins , muscles, nerves and bones.

What will i feel after a Crystal Light Bed treatment?

There are NO side effects, however some may experience what is known as a healing reaction. The body is responding to the dramatic detoxification and purging effects of the therapy. Blocked and disrupted energy channels are being cleared even after the treatment has ended, which included the release of toxins. Toxins are typically expelled through urine, sweat, and fecal matter. It is recommended to drink lots of water and rest following  the treatment while your body is readjusting and shifting the bio-energy system.

Contraindications: Pregnancy and Pacemakers

Crystal Light Therapy

Like energy medicine, crystal light therapy offers many health benefits. Some of these advantages may include:
  • Stress Alleviation
  • Insomnia Relief
  • Pain Reduction
  • Mood Improvement
  • Body Cell Rejuvenation
  • Cell Metabolism Increase
  • Blood Circulation Improvement
  • Immune System Strengthening
  • Acute and Chronic Illness Relief
  • Migraine or Tension Headache Relief
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Relief
  • Inflammation Reduction and Stiffness Relief
  • Acupressure Point Stimulation (via Photon Therapy)
  • Biomagnetic Energy Balancing (via Photon Therapy)


• 30 Minute Session - $60

• 45 Minute Session - $70

• 60 Minute Session - $80

Crystal Light Bed Therapy

It is safe and used by doctors and therapists in dedicated health centers and clinics throughout the world.

The crystal bed radiates a color to the respective chakras in certain frequencies and rhythms to harmonize and balance your energies.

By uniquely incorporating Light, Sound, Colour, Crystals and holding clear energetic space, your experience will be out of this world. It truly is! This is one of the most, complete therapeutic experiences offered on our planet today!

You lie on the therapy bed fully clothed, facing upwards, you are also covered in white sheet overlay.

During this time you will be exposed to the spectral light Crystal Therapy, Chromatherapy (Colour Therapy), and soothing sound treatment of our Brain-sync technology

By having a Crystal Light Bed Therapy Session, you are in fact having a Crystal Bath! In other words, you are bathing and cleansing your Chakras in Colour & Crystal Healing Energy. Each crystal is made up of the color of your respective chakras, and are set on a special vibrational frequency to clean and balance your chakras. If your chakras aren’t in balance, it will cause an illness in your body. It’s also a great preventative modality and helps you balance your mind, body, soul & spirit.

Due to the beneficial stimulation of the immune system, Crystal Light Therapy improves and alleviates a range of physical and psychological conditions.

Many clients have reported many health benefits and personal experiences, some to mention are:

  • Improvements in health conditions.
  • Feeling more energy and vitality.
  • Feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and peaceful.
  • Eliminate stress, depression, migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, and tensions in your body.
  • A deeper spiritual understanding of yourself, and your life situations.
  • Release unconscious behaviors.
  • Feelings of physical healing taking place.
  • Gain of insight as to the cause of disease, your future path, and much more.

Changing Your Life for the Better

Binaural Beats Therapy

Visit us to promote yourself with the help of binaural beats therapy. This treatment used along crystal light therapy stimulates the brain to improve your well-being. Binaural beats can be used to elicit responses in the brain so that it becomes "entrained."

Entraining the mind means it will start resonating at the same frequency as the binaural beat. For example, if the frequency of sound in your left ear is 391Hz, and the frequency you'll hear in your right ear is 411Hz, your brain will process a binaural beat of about 10Hz. These beats are not heard because they are below the natural range of hearing. You can often "hear" a "humming" inside of your head as the binaural beat.

When this happens, the brain's wave patterns are temporarily changed. This has been shown to be effective at inducing meditative and hypnotic states, as well as is a great advantage for anyone who wants to meditate. Binaural beats therapy will reduce your stress level and calm your thoughts faster than normal meditation.

Plus CBD Oil

There is so much Buzz today about the benefits of CBD Oil. There are Raving Success Stories for relief of a range of ailment from Arthritis to Anxiety. In our opinion one of the biggest benefits is the anti-Inflammatory properties of CBD. Stop by and find out MORE

Louisiana As a State continues to make it harder and harder for people to obtain good quality CBD products. The state regulates the selling of CBD prosucts and resticts the forms in which a person can take CBD products. For example it is not legal to sell food or drink witj CBD in them in the state of Louisiana. 
Now, the state of Louisiana is implementing a 3% excise tax on retailers for the sale of CBD products. Making it even more difficult for small businesses. Many of these businesses just like Mystic Bayou started because they believed in natural ways to help improve health. 

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

High Quality, Trusted, Pure. Plant Therapy's Standards of Quality are some of the strictest in the industy. They do everything possible to establish that it is 100% pure, natural and of the highest quality.


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